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Are you in the process of planning your Malay wedding? Are you looking for the best venue to host a birthday party or an anniversary celebration? Then make way to 1Market that has the space, culinary superstars and the ambiance to turn any happy ceremony into a special event.

Food is an important part of any festivity and here at 1Market, our guests get a taste of many signature dishes and award winning seafood delicacies through our well-known and sumptuous buffets in Singapore. We cater to parties and offer many of our gastronomical wonders to visiting guests. Every dish is a delight in itself whether it is for the malay wedding or the reception or any other ceremony. We have catered to traditional as well as contemporary settings and guests are guaranteed to leave the party with a smile on their faces. Come to 1 Market and let us together create glorious moments you will cherish forever.

Savour Asia’s Local Delights at 1Market!

Enjoy a gastronomic spread of appetizers, salads, seafood, grills, hot-pots and desserts, helmed with recipes bursting with Malaysian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian & Middle Eastern flavours.

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Need a venue for your Wedding? 1Market is the perfect place!

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